Custom Building

Building your own home is a dream come true for many home buyers. If you are thinking about building your own home give us a call. Let’s talk about the where, who, when, how and the why. Let’s talk about the dream, and then let’s figure out together how to make it happen!

We can build a great house, of exceptional design, and with superior quality and function.

Our process for building

Building your own custom home adds contractors, schedules, floor plans, colors, styles, choices, choices and more choices to the process of buying a home. Having worked with people building their own homes and having built my own homes, I know that having someone you can trust and depend on is important and makes the process less stressful.

Our goal has been to develop relationships with local home builders who care about the quality of the homes that they build, as well as the relationships that come with that. These builders are true craftsmen and care about your satisfaction. They don’t simply build a house to sell you, they build you a home that you will love and be happy living in long after the sale is complete. These builders make our job easy and we appreciate that. And we know that when you are ready to sell that we will be selling a quality-built home!

We'll help you with the details

If you are looking to build a new home we can help. You might need us to introduce you to a great local builder and then get out of the way. We can do that. Maybe the best way for us to help is selling your current house so that you can move forward and in to your new dream house. Or maybe we can sit down with you and talk about building your dream house ourselves. Whatever the case we can help.

We have been building and selling houses with local builders for years. Now we are building our own homes. We can build a great house, exceptional design and with superior quality and function. We can make it affordable and attainable to our buyers as well.

Tiffany's story

"Virginia did an excellent job managing the selling process from cradle to grave, making this very hands off on my end! She helped navigate the negotiations so that I could accommodate the buyer's requests while still protecting my own interests during the transaction. She was responsive and personable every step of the way!"

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