Who We Are

It’s no secret that the Shippensburg area real estate market is changing and property values are always fluctuating.  We at JALEX understand that this can cause stress to homeowners and home buyers, so we do our best to provide quality service.

We are INNOVATIVE:  We use a number of innovative marketing strategies in order to help you sell your home as quickly as possible.  Each home is different, having its own strengths and weaknesses.  We assess your home and market its strengths!

We are FLEXIBLE:  We understand you have a busy schedule and will work with homeowners and home buyers in order to accommodate you.  At JALEX we are dedicated to putting our clients’ needs first every time!

We are HELPFUL: We have built and we maintain a powerful network of Shippensburg area contacts that can be helpful to you offering products and services you need to make well informed decisions, save you time and money!

We have INTEGRITY: Honesty and integrity is the foundation of JALEX Real Estate Services.  We set the bar high adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.

We are GROWING: In an uncertain real estate market we are selling real estate and we are still growing!